Singing children


The African School is a private humanitarian association, which helps poor, black children in South Africa to attend primary school and further education. This is done through voluntary work, membership fees and donations.

We operate in the Vaalwater district of the Limpopo province, where we are familiar with the surroundings as well as the schools and the problems at hand. Our local partner "Bushveld Mission" supports seven primary schools in the area. As a start, we have chosen to join forces concerning the specific problems of the Tshukudu-school. We are focusing on:

  • Childrens schooling through primary school
  • Further education of children - with emphasis on education of girls
  • Networking between Danish schools and the schools of Vaalwater

Hello Denmark!


My name is Silas and I am 10 years old. I live with my parents and my 6 siblings on a tobacco farm near Vaalwater in South Africa. We live in poverty, since my father is a seasonal worker and there are many mouths to feed.

I go to school at Tshukudu primary school, where 36 boys and 19 girls attend. Maria is our teacher. My older sister does not attend school even though she wants to, because she has to stay at home and help out around the house.

When I graduate from school, I will probably get work on the tobacco farm like my father. However, I would love to continue my studies and become a mechanic.

Your aid is needed - and it helps!

We support specific things like education materials, clothes, school food, tutoring, equipment and so on. On this website you can follow the projects and activities we engage in and spend money on. You are also very welcome to put in some voluntary work of your own. We barely have any costs concerning administration, so almost your entire contribution will go to the kids. You can support our work through:

  • Membership fee
  • Donations
  • Voluntary work

Read more about the Foundation of our association and news from the Bushveld Mission.